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A True Turnkey Solution
from Sensor
to Software


SuperMicron stands for low cost, easy to install, easy to manage, wireless Structural Health Monitoring systems, which are durable, maintenance free and bondable to any substrate. Four main values are constantly under control: strain, temperature, tilt and vibration.

Smart Skin Sensor

The heart of the system: a next generation strain sensor made of composite materials and embedded carbon nanotubes and fibers. A thin laminate perfectly resistant to external agents. The onboard microelectronics further comprises a tilt / seismographic sensor, a temperature sensor and a transmission unit assembled in a single PCB.

Gateway and Cloud

The Gateway offers bi-directional communication with the sensors and forwards the data to a cloud server, where a powerful user interface (GUI), accessible via web, makes the processed data available in real time. The GUI also permits  remote interventions on the system and alert settings.

A turnkey solution

Four core values are under constant control:
  • deformation
  • temperature
  • inclination
  • seismic activity / vibrations
SuperMicron can be easily and quickly installed on most materials: concrete, metal (steel, aluminum), composite materials, ect.

Up to 2 meters sensor length
Extremly flexible
Crash proof
Water proof
Installation time: less than 10 minutes

Technical Specifications



Accuracy of +/- 1 microstrain.


Accuracy of 0,02° on three axes.


Resolution of +/- 0.03°C (-30/+75°C range).


Vibration characterization oversampling function (trigger).

Construction material: polyester fabric/epoxy resin

Environmental protection: IP68

Strain resolution: +/- 1  microstrain

Temperature resolution: + / - 0,03°C

Combined trim sensor: (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) inclination reading on three axes (accuracy of 0.02 °), vibration reading and trigger function for oversampling (full description on request)

Radio range: up to 7 km

Connectivity: wireless, 868 MHz / 915 MHz, RS-485

Power supply: lithium-polymer battery, 3,6 V

Battery lifespan: 18 years (reading every 15 min and 8,5 Ah) o or more

Ready-Made Monitoring

SuperMicron allows for easy predisposition of highly distributed monitoring. The monitoring system can be deployed in a passive version and activated when desired. The quickand easy installation of the Smart Skin Sensor is perfect for large-scale application. Activation may be permanent or temporary.


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