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structural health monitoring

SuperMicron allows for easy predisposition of highly distributed monitoring.
The quickand easy installation of the Smart Skin Sensor
is perfect for large-scale application.
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wide application fields

From bridge or building structural monitoring, soil movement
or pipeline surveillance to pylon structural health,
we have a right solution.

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Land sentinel
ground movements under control

A dedicated real time remote monitoring device designed for the early detection
of any ground movement in all its forms.
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Our SuperMicron product family is the right choice whether you want to monitor bridges, tunnels, buildings and structures, railways, ports and marinas.

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Ground Movements

The Land Sentinel is a dedicated real time remote monitoring device designed for the early detection of any ground movement in all its forms.
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Continuous and precise monitoring of the behavior of external or underground pipelines, alerting in real time in case of deformations and anomalous pressure variations or angular displacements and identifying of any leaks and their exact location.
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Pylon and Tower

A stand alone and immediately operational multifunction monitoring system that allows the implementation of a highly distributed monitoring, in a very simple and economical way.
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Turn-key Solutions

Low cost, easy to install, easy to manage, wireless. Turn-key solutions from datalogger to data visualization

Almost Unbreakable

Our crash and waterproof solutions are bondable to any substrate. Installation time: less than 10 minutes.

Maintenance Free

The Smart Skin Technology is extremely durable, no maintenance needed. Battery life is adjustable to application needs.


  • Up to 2 meters sensor length
  • Extremly flexible
  • Crash proof
  • Water proof
  • Installation time: less than 10 minutes
The proprietary technology allows the production of very high precision deformation sensors that can be manufactured in an almost unlimited variety of shapes and sizes, according to the specific needs of the customer.
The fulcrum of SuperMicron is the innovative and patented Smart Skin Sensor, a deformation sensor made of composite materials that integrate a sensitive element made of carbon fibers.

Get to Know InSensus Project

InSensus Project uses innovative technology and services to assist clients around the world to better monitor the structural health state of their structures and infrastructures, and so to build and maintain safer and more efficient buildings, viaducts and tunnels, dams, towers and pylons, pipelines and water mains, boats and ships.
We believe that converting reliable measurements into actionable insights makes an important difference: Data in itself is not to be confused with information. Data, to be useful to the operator and to support efficiently decision-making, need to translated in clear and accessible information.

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