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Real-time Avalanche


The Snow Sentinel is a dedicated real time remote monitoring device designed for the early detection of any snow movement in all its forms, giving advanced warnings and alerts to any changes in conditions.

Smart Skin Sensor

Located within the body of these units are exclusive SmartSkin Sensors, a consolidated and proprietary technology developed by InSensus Project , which detect any movements in the substratum in the unit measure “micro strain”, this measurable data is transmitted real time to servers for continual monitoring

8 years autonomy

Housed within the section which remains above ground are the electronics and power module which can provide supply for up to 8 years continual monitoring before battery replacement.

Ready to go in 30 min

An immediately operational “stand alone” multifunction sensor, which can be “screwed” directly into the snow cover or inserted into predrilled holes when conditions become harder. Installation time and activation is less than 30 minutes.

Technical Specifications



Monitoring ground vibration


Trim Measurement


Detect horizontal moment

Thermometer (1)

Surface thermal probe PT1000 100th of a degree

Thermometer (2)

In ground thermal probe PT1000 100th of a degree

SmartSkin Sensor

In ground micro strain sensors

Material of the supporting and above ground structure: 304 stainless steel

Material of the terminal portion: PVC

Diameter of cylindrical structures (steel and PVC): 60 mm

Length of the underground portion: from 1 to 4 meters (superior on request)

Length of the above ground portion: 1 meter

Degree of protection: IP68

Strain resolution: +/- 1 microstrain

Combined trim sensor (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer): inclination reading on three axes (accuracy of 0.02 °), vibration reading and trigger function for oversampling (full description on request)

Thermometer: Surface thermal probe PT1000 100th of a degree

Connectivity: radio 868 Mhz / 915 Mhz, LoRaWan protocol

Range: min. 7 Km line of sight

Power supply: lithium thionyl batteries, 3.6 V

Autonomy: min 8 years (sampling every 15 minutes and 8.5 Ah battery) and extensible

Installation time and activation: 30 minutes Optional measurements: laser telemetry


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