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The InStar System

A low cost, easy to install, easy to manage Structural Health Monitoring system, durable and virtually maintenance free, applicable to any surface and able to transmit wirelessly the measured values to a central server. The InStar System is composed of the following elements:

InStar Sensor

The InStar sensor is a strain sensor made of composite material and conductive elements forming a thin epoxy composite laminate which does also include a tilt sensor, a seismographic sensor, a thermometric sensor and a transmission unit, assembled in a PCB. The sensor is perfectly water and weather tight and applicable on any substrate.

External Battery Unit

The external Battery Unit is applied on the surface of each InStar Sensor to supply the energy needed for measurements and data transmission. The Unit is perfectly resistant to external agents and easily exchangeable when battery is next to exhaustion.


A Gateway which collects the data of the single sensors and forwards them to a central server via the cellular network (or satellite for remote installations). The ga­teway coordinates the network formed by the InStar Sensors (star or MESH network). The gateway is open to third party sensor integration and/or webcam integration for visual feedback in case of alarm.


The data collected is conveyed and stored on a central server on Cloud, which allows both the overall processing of the data and the visualization of the data through graphical user interface (GUI), accessible via web.

four main Values

The InStar System features a completely new approach to Structural Health Monitoring: a standard, low cost and stand-alone solution able to adapt to custom projects. Four main values, strain, temperature, tilt and seismic activity are measured as a standard by the turn key version and further sensors are easily integrable where needed.

Next generation strain sensor. Perfectly resistant to external agents and requires no wiring. Easily applicable to almost any substrate (composite materials, concrete, wood, metal, etc).


InStrain Sensor


Temperature sensor included in the InStar Sensor. Accuracy of +/-0,1°c (-30/+75°c range).


InCelsius Sensor


Tilt measurement integrated in the InStar Sensor for data contextualization. Accuracy of 0,1° on three axes.


InTilt Sensor


Seismometer integrated in the InStar Sensor, able to trigger acquisition frequency.

Seismic activity

InQuake Sensor


Application Fields

The InStar System can be applied to almost any surface thanks to InStar Grip, the methacrylate polyurethane adhesive especially formulated for each substrate by Mastikol srl, leading Italian producer and supplier of advanced bonding solutions. The InStar System can be implemented in any life stage of the infrastructure, and in any spot that needs control even if early signs of failure already occurred.

Instar Specs

The InStar Sensor is static, perfectly resistant to external agents and requires no wiring of any kind. It integrates a strain sensor, a thermometer, a tilt sensor, a seismographic sensor and a transmission unit, assembled in a PCB. The External Battery Unit, applied on the InStar Sensor and easily exchangeable, provides energy through induction.

InStar Sensor

Dimension: 350 x 130 x 0,25 mm
Materials: polyester fabric/epoxy resin
Environmental protection: ip68
Strain sensor: accuracy of +/- 5 microstrain (+/-4% range)
Temperature sensor: accuracy of 0,1°C (-30/+75°C range)
Tilt sensor: reading on x, y, z with accuracy of 0,1 °
Seismometer : continuous listening “trigger” type.
Battery life (for 1 reading every 300 seconds): 60 months



Physical dimensions:  210 x 120 x 70 mm
Supply voltage: 220 VAC
10 - 32 VDC
PV with battery backup for remote installations
Consumption: 1,7 W
Environmental protection: ip25
Connections: GSM/GPRS;
Dual SIM
Interfaces: RS232; USB; 485
Frequency: 868 MHz
Temperature range: -10°C/+75°C

InCloud Service

On cloud service for data visualization
May be personalized by the user
Intuitive Graphical User Interface
Handles alarm threshold
Offers highest security standards
Accessible through browser
System diagnostics displayed in the remote: sensors battery level; system status; Signal GSM of the gateway; identification of SIM in use.


  • Low Cost and Stand Alone Solution

    that adapts to custom installations

  • Four Main Values measured

    strain, temperature, tilt, seismic activity

  • Applicable at Any Lifestage, in Any Spot

    wireless and patented

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